The 1st
International Oriental Dance Festival in Bulgaria
5° edition
Sofia 2017  5-6-7 Мay


People’s natural need of knowledge, curiosity of knowing other cultures and other nation’s history and their willingness to explore different culture’s way of living have never been more spontaneous and real. The art has always brought people closer and dance and music are the easiest ways to communicate and to understand each other.

The idea of LAYALI BULGARIA Festival is to show and spread in an authentic way the beauty, the diversity and the richness of the Arabic dance and music. 

One of our main priorities is to manifest the due respect for the culture and traditions of the Middle East and to show our serious attitude and professional approa
ch to learning and teaching oriental dance. Our desire is to contribute to the artistic revival of the Arabic dance in Bulgaria.


The 5th international festival of the Arabic dance art in Bulgaria will be held from 5 to7 May 2017.

The night is the calmness, when the mind is free from the chains of the burning  sun rays. The night is the oasis of the poet, the protector of lovers, but it is also the time when everyone gets together to share, sing, dance and tell stories. It’s not a coincidence that the night is the scene of the most famous piece in the Arabic world - "One Thousand and One Nights."

LAYALI BULGARIA will carry you away into the magic of
the Eastern world. During the Festival you will enjoy: seminars led by world renowned and established teachers, performances with dancers from Bulgaria and abroad, a competition with prizes, a conference with leading professionals in the world of the oriental dance, Bazaar and many other surprises.

During the festival our guests and participants will have the opportunity to experience the Arabic classical and folklore dances and to deepen their knowledge related to the Arabic music and rhythms. 

LAYALI BULGARIA is open for all who love and appreciate this art – f
rom the beginner or the experienced dancer to the curious spectator.
The name of the festival was inspired by the Arabic word Layali which is the plural of Leila – meaning Night in Arabian.